Fragrance-Free Products

Some Product Suggestions

These and many other unscented personal care products are commonly available at natural food stores and often at large supermarkets or drugstores. Many of these brands also make scented versions so please check to be sure the one you’re getting is fragrance-free.

Shampoo: Tom’s Unscented, Jason Fragrance-Free, Magic Botanicals Unscented, Stonybrook Unscented, Heritage Products Hypoallergenic Olive Oil Shampoo, Magik Unscented, Pure Essentials Fragrance-Free

Conditioner: Magic Botanicals Unscented, Jason Fragrance-Free, Stonybrook Unscented, Earth Science Unscented, Pure Essentials Fragrance-Free

Hair Spray: Aqua Net Unscented, Magik Unscented

Soap: Tom’s Unscented Deodorant or Moisture Bar or Liquid, Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Unscented Baby-Mild (Bar or Liquid), Kiss My Face Moisture Bar Fragrance-Free, Rainbow Unscented Liquid, Clearly Natural Glycerine Unscented Bar, Avalon Moisturizing Unscented Aloe Bar

Shaving Cream: Kiss My Face Fragrance-Free

Body/Hand Lotion: Alba Unscented, Nature’s Gate Fragrance-Free, Shikai All-Natural Fragrance-Free, Jason Fragrance-Free, Magik Unscented, Beauty without Cruelty Fragrance-Free, Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion Fragrance-Free

Deodorant: Tom’s Unscented, Home Health Unscented, Jason Fragrance and Paraben-Free, Mill Creek Unscented,

Sunscreen: Nature’s Gate Sportblock Fragrance-Free, Reviva Fragrance Free, Terrapin Sunblock-Fragrance Free

Laundry Detergent: Ecover Unscented, Seventh Generation Free & Clear, Trader Joe’s Concentrated Laundry Detergent Unscented, All Free and Clear