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Dharma Talk by Jenny Bondurant June 2020:

Dharma Talk by Marcia Rose, May 2020:

Dharma Talks by Mary Powell, March 2018: Brahma Viharas

Transforming Reactivity in Everyday Life, Donald Rothberg’s October 2018 SFVS talk on the Dharma Seed website. Donald’s description of the talk: We look at “reactivity” as a non-literal “translation” and clarification of the nature of dukkha, and examine, through a talk and discussion, a number of ways to practice when reactivity or dukkha arises. We remember the Buddha’s teaching: “I have taught one thing and one thing only, dukkha and the cessation of dukkha.”

“The Practice of Sangha” by Thich Nhat Hanh from the Lion’s Roar website.
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